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Ballistics: Super intense, strength and cardio workout, targeting major muscle groups, through lateral and linear resistance and plyometric training techniques. If you are looking to reach the next level, this is the training that will take you there.

Strike-Fit: Energetic and empowering workout inspired by a wide array of striking arts such as MMA, boxing, karate, muay thai, systema, tae kwon do, and others. This workout will take you through a calorie burning superior cardio workout putting and keeping you on your way to peak fitness. No martial arts or striking experience necessary.

TRX: TRX is resistance training method utilizing suspension straps with handles and your body weight. The more you lean on the handles, the more difficult the exercise. TRX is an acronym for "Total resistance exercise" and they have over 700 documented exercises in their inventory and each one involves you balance and core!

Non-member: Drop in $15 class or 10 classes for $120
Classes are FREE for Club members except Elite Classes & Expert Classes
Elite Classes: $40 month member price, unlimited classes or 10 classes for $100
Expert Classes: Check front desk for details

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